"Content Has Never Been More Important"

Submitted by Jean E. Gazis on Thu, 2008-08-28 11:05.

I came across this interesting article in Chief Marketer's "Marketing ROI" e-newsletter. The gist of it is that the current trend in marketing is towards analytics, which are of course very important, but not meaningful unless balanced with compelling content.

"Customers see only the creative elements of marketing, the content, and they expect it to be good... Ultimately, human beings react to content.

"It is no longer sufficient to be good at content and analytics separately. It is time to move marketing to the next level, to bring content and analytics together. It is time for smart content."

What kinds of content are most engaging and meaningful to your customers? Which content appeals to each type of prospect? Will your audience return again and again if your content is unoriginal or stale? How can you incorporate what you learn from your customer and campaign data into the creation of new and better content?

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