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Some Handy Online Tools & Resources

Book Stuff

I've been using Library Thing to catalog my books online. It's very easy to use and has some fun social features, too.

Library Elf keeps track of your library books, even for multiple cards and libraries. Save time, avoid fines.

Language Stuff

Cut and Paste Word Count Very handy if you don't want to launch a word processor just to get a word count. Cut and paste text into this free online spellchecker.

Writing Tester Is your text too difficult to read? Cut and paste it into this free online reading-level checker.

Wordnik A fun site for everything about words: definition, pronunciation, related words, Scrabble value, popularity.

Bartleby Online quotations, thesaurus, encyclopedia—a great reference tool. I stopped bringing my hardcover dictionary to work years ago because of Bartleby. Now, sadly, the dictionary part seems to be gone.

Acronym Finder/Acronym Attic Look up any abbreviation and find all its definitions.

Word Spy A neat reference to newly coined phrases, with a terrific selection of quotations, too.

Common Errors in English Award-winning, clear, and concise reference.

Lorem Ipsum generator Lorem ipsum explained, with a tool that generates chunks of text.

Life Stuff Online subway and bus directions for New York City. (Go to the home page for other cities, including Chicago, Boston, and Washington, DC.)

The One-Minute How-To Short podcasts on how to do anything; some are better than others.

Get Human how to bypass phone menu hell and connect to a live human being.

The World Clock What time it is right now all over the world.

Time Zone Converter Time zone conversions between two cities.

Web Stuff

HTML Dog A terrific reference for HTML and CSS, with very easy-to-follow tutorials. Royalty free stock photography for websites, PowerPoint, newletters, forums, blogs, schools and homework.

Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox outstanding, well-written, evidence-based advice for better website usability.

A handy list of codes for special characters in HTML.

HTML Viewer Cut and paste or type in the window and preview your HTML in your browser.

A free online tool for converting text containing special characters to correct HTML.

WebHostNY Affordable, reliable web and email hosting services.

Allwebco Website Templates Complete websites with multiple pages, forms, built-in features, Flash and more.

Work Stuff

Get-It-Done Guy Podcasts/Webcasts with lots of good new ideas and reminders of good old ideas for being more productive without being more stressed-out.

The Accidental Creative a great podcast (also a web community) devoted to ideas for staying creative when it's your day-to-day job.

Fresh Books a terrific online invoicing and time and expense tracking service for freelancers.

Lovely Charts create pretty charts easily online; free or or pay for more functionality.

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