Fast, Good, & Cheap—Pick 3

Submitted by jgazis on Thu, 2010-10-28 13:22.

A graphic designer I worked with years ago used to quote a printer he had worked with, who said “You can have it fast; you can have it good; you can have it cheap—pick two.” This wonderful bit of conventional wisdom would have you believe that there are always trade-offs between quality, timeliness, and expense. And it’s usually true, there almost always are.

Meet the exception: I’m a a versatile writer/producer/manager of all things marketing, committed to excellence, capable of lightning-fast turnaround, able to devise innovative solutions to your marketing challenges and squeeze maximum value from your marketing dollar, and available at very reasonable rates (considering the level of expertise and quality I bring to every project).

Am I all things to all people? Far from it—if you don’t care about quality, if you want something gimmicky or trendy, if you’re more focused on expense than ROI, if you just want to do things the way they’ve always been done, you won’t want to hire me.

If you think your marketing efforts can benefit from intelligence, experience, persuasive copy writing, attention to detail, and a sharp eye on the bottom line, please get in touch.

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