Print Production

I've been supervising the production of printed materials since the late 1980s, during a period of rapid and radical transformation of the printing industry. I can provide all of the following services:

  • Obtaining and evaluating competitive cost estimates
  • Selecting vendors
  • Estimating quantities
  • Developing production schedules
  • Selecting papers, specifying folding, binding, and special techniques
  • Working with printers and lettershops to create materials that meet marketing objectives in the most cost-effective way
  • Researching and adhering to postal requirements
  • Hiring and supervising graphic designers and photographers
  • Writing and editing copy
  • Researching and obtaining stock images, commissioning custom photography
  • Proofreading at all stages of a project
  • Press-checking
  • Producing all types of standard print projects including brochures, direct mail, postcards, business reply cards, posters, flyers, media kits, catalogs, invitations, magazine advertising, event programs, HR materials, business cards, stationery, white papers, reports, award certificates
  • Producing alternative print media such as signs, exhibit booths, stickers, folders, buttons, bags, t-shirts, awards, and promotional items
  • See examples of my print production work.

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