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Grammar Matters

Submitted by jgazis on Sun, 2010-12-12 21:28.

My 8yo was reading the Bearitos tortilla chips package, which says "Wholesome corn organically grown, stoneground, cooked, and packed the same day!" and he asked me "Mom, how do they grow the corn in one day?" It ought to read "Wholesome, organically-grown corn, stoneground, cooked, and packed the same day!"

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;-)

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Thoughts on Language & Design

Submitted by Jean E. Gazis on Tue, 2009-02-24 13:08.

It's always cool to see something linking two of my favorite topics! I found this blog post on The Language We Use via Drupal guy Michael Angeles's user experience blog. It's a discussion of how the words employed can shape thinking without the speaker being aware of it.

Excerpt: "what can be dangerous about design patterns is that some patterns get TOO ingrained in our minds. They become the only way we can even conceive doing X,Y,Z, and we freeze our creativity."

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Writing & Editing

I've been writing marketing materials for professional and business audiences since the mid-1980s - that's over 20 years (ouch!) of B2B copywriting experience. In addition, I've written for a wide range of audiences and for traditional and online media. I've written just about anything you can think of:

  • Communications:
    Newsletters, websites, recruitment ads & brochures, training materials, internal memos, emails, presentations, blog posts, technical how-tos, business plans, house style guides, articles, and more
  • Sales Collateral:
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Website Development Experience

I have extensive experience in website copy and content development, and offer expertise in email copy, website copy, planning and organizing sites, HTML and CSS, hosting considerations, design specifications, proofreading and testing, custom features, content management systems, and user training.

Client Websites

I developed and/or maintain sites for these organizations:

  • Cub Pack & Scout Troop 14

    I converted this site from static HTML to an online community powered by Drupal. Now maintained by others.

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Fantastic Piece on Why You Need Good Content

Submitted by Jean E. Gazis on Sat, 2007-03-10 17:01.

I found this piece on a blog called "Meta" through the Drupal News Aggregator. You can find the original at

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